At North Shore Injury Center, you will find a compassionate, sympathetic environment with a chiropractic team that is dedicated to helping you rehabilitate and maintain your wellness.

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Chiropractic Rehabilitation

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Chiropractic Rehabilitation

When starting on the path to recovery, movement means as much as treatment. The solution lies in the right methods of movement and exercise, and at the right level of intensity. Chiropractic rehabilitation is a method that has shown results to help patient quickly recover from injury, and reduce the risks of reoccurrence.

Chiropractic rehabilitation is an important facet of the recovery process because many injuries and pains that are addressed may necessitate strengthening, lengthening, and retaining of muscles to complete a full treatment. A common affliction of individuals seeking chiropractic treatment for lower back pain. This condition though common, takes months or years to develop and often stems from poor spinal posture or detrimental habits in a physical working environment. When considering the investment that was made by sending your body into a state of being stressed and inevitable injured, it can be easily understood that it takes more than a few sessions of treatment to begin experiencing the revered effect of rehabilitation.

Individual chiropractic rehabilitation treatments will reduce pain and stimulate your body into recover, however in many cases, you will need to improve joint and tissue mobility, strengthen your muscles, and improve your flexibility to get back to normal. It is important to maintain a chiropractic rehabilitation program to promote overall wellness, speedy recovery, and reduce the likelihood of a repeat circumstance.