At North Shore Injury Center, you will find a compassionate, sympathetic environment with a chiropractic team that is dedicated to helping you rehabilitate and maintain your wellness.

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Suite 200 Royal Oak, MI 48073
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Our Methods In Healing

North Shore Injury Center utilizes a range of chiropractic, therapeutic, and neuromusculoskeletal techniques. This incorporative approach helps relieve our patients, and achieves optimal results.


Proper care requires the restoration of joint mobility through the application of controlled force into joints that have restrictions in their movement due to an injury of the tissues.

Car Accidents

Consultation with a chiropractor is a prudent move after getting into a car accident, as the specialists are able to treat neck injuries, whiplash, back injuries, and injuries to the soft tissues.

Massage and Bodywork

A medicinal, chiropractic massage can play a vital role in the management of overall health, and provide long-lasting therapeutic benefits with proven results.


Chiropractic rehabilitation is an important recovery process because many injuries and pains addressed may necessitate strengthening, lengthening, and retaining of muscles.


Proper techniques are used to reduce pressure and engage a range of motion where a patient is free of pain, and the affected area has adequate range of motion and travel.

Spinal Decompression

This therapy is utilized to realign segments of the spinal column and in turn relieving unwanted pressure on a pinched nerve that causes chronic pain and other symptoms.